March 29, 2017

One of Israel’s most successful campaigns alongside its military occupation is that of its occupation propaganda; as the military campaign controls the Palestinians (citizen or not), the media controls the Israelis. While media exposure outside of Israel is increasing its coverage of the conflict, inside, the fight to justify the occupation to the Israeli people rages on (and does so successfully). Working from numerous platforms, such as “A land without a people, for a people without a land,” groups such as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) “educate and inform about the important security, diplomatic and societal issues confronting Israel.”

*unless you’re Palestinian.

     Propaganda portraying Israel’s unquestionable right to Palestinian land is key to keeping the Israeli (Jewish) people on the government’s side, allowing the military occupations to continue. Showcasing support for “the people”, the image such as the one to the right stands as a solid example of many other media images that spin the narrative that all actions committed by Israel are to protect people’s rights, and therefore, any violence committed in the name of protection is acceptable. One such example in particular being violence from the soldiers of the Israel Defense Force (IDF) against Palestinians and those living in occupied territories.

Image result for IDF propaganda

Israel’s “Iron Dome” is a anti-ballistic-missile system meant to deploy interceptor warheads to destroy rockets shot from Gaza into Israel in the air, before they are able to detonate on Israeli soil. Israeli officials have boasted a 90% effectiveness rate, while other experts have said it to be more around 30%.

       One such tactic most used in pro-IDF media can be boiled down to, “The Palestinians are committing far more atrocious crimes,” which attempts to absolve Israel of any blame, as they claim that Palestinians are obviously far worse in practice. Keeping nothing less than a glimmering light on the IDF forces, which all Israeli citizens must serve in, has built and maintained the mindset that such service and duty is honorable, without question as to the cost. With such rampant vilifying of the Palestinian people, and an unwavering determination to prolong an achieved ignorance amongst Israeli citizens, bringing them out into a “third space” will be nothing less than a painful process.


Twitter: IDFSpokesperson


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