Changing the Status Quo

March 16, 2017

“Tiyul-Rihla (“Trip” in Hebrew and Arabic) is a bi-national organization which develops educational opportunities focusing on Palestinian and Israeli historical narratives, cultures, and identities. Our multi-day trips bring mixed groups of Palestinians and Israelis on tours which provide a unique opportunity for participants to learn about each other from each other by exploring the land and the history they share.”  Tiyul-Rihla is a group dedicated to overcoming the educational issues between Palestinians and Israelis.  As we have seen for a while throughout the course of this class, the Israeli narrative of the story of their country has been the dominant narrative.  With the truth being far different from the stories in the history books, a educational organization dedicated to bringing about knowledge and understanding between the two peoples is absolutely vital.  In one of the attached articles from the page entitled “Travelling without political baggage” an Israeli making a trip into the West Bank states, “We can’t solve the conflict or bring peace, but we can help pave the way for people to respect the other’s rights – on both sides of the divide. On the most basic level, encounters like this allow us to realise and understand the right for the other to exist. In turn, on a slightly more nuanced level, it allows each side to respect the sovereignty and legitimacy of the other.”  Legitimacy being one of the biggest issues that we have talked about during this class, there is an extreme need for both sides to be able to find a way to understand each other’s legitimate right to exist.  By organizing trips and tours for people to go on like the one in the aforementioned article, it forces interaction between the two peoples, therefore forcing the legitimacy directly into the open.  Through its educational programs, one sees that knowledge is the ultimate form of power when it comes to breaking down the barriers that exist between these two people.


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