Fighting for the Right to Enter!

March 15, 2017

Right to Enter (RTE) is an Israeli based, grassroots Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) made up of individuals and families (both Israeli and Palestinian) that have been either separated or affected by the physical restrictions of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. RTE focuses on check points where Israeli authorities deny Palestinians entry/exit to/from Palestinian occupied territory.



RTE has focused the majority of their efforts in spreading awareness of physically divided families and villages to the international community, as well as advocating for Palestinians on an individual basis to the national government. RTE’s other goals include:

  • “Contact those still in the country and at risk of being denied re-entry, to advise them what options may be available to them, and to share experience about ways of proactive legal action;
  • Collect information and document cases of entry and reentry denial;
  • Call on the national and international community to protest and take action against this Israeli practice of family separation and denying entry to foreign experts and supporters;
  • Launch an international legal and political campaign to prevent, stop and reverse these Israeli policies and practices;
  • Urge consulates and embassies of affected citizens to formally protest, protect and take action against these Israeli practices;
  • Publicize the issue and disseminate information through national and international media channels.”


RTE is unique in that it also advocates for foreign workers employed in Palestine that are denied the right to re-enter Palestine after briefly exiting the occupied territories. RTE calls on the governments of foreign workers to press the Israeli government to legally and socially promote the right of return to Palestinians and foreign workers. By making the Palestinian right of return issue every countries issue, RTE hopes to work towards a more peaceful relationship between Israel and Palestine.


Author: Maggie Dene


“Take Action.” RTE | Right to Enter. Accessed March 15, 2017.



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