Kids4Peace: Love through Understanding

March 1, 2017

Kids 4 Peace is a global movement founded in 2002 which connects and facilitates long-term relationships between children and families of different religions, including Jewish, Christian, and Muslim, Israeli and Palestinian. They run a six-year program called Pathways to Peace which goes from 6th-12th grade, consisting of meetings, camps and leadership programs that focus on interfaith dialogue and nonviolent action.

Kids4Peace is not about looking past the histories and cultures of the other; it is about hearing it and understanding it. It is about honesty and diverse perspectives. It rejects the idea that peace comes from separation, from ignoring the other. Their programs encourage participants to share painful stories, and teach them how to hear these stories without becoming defensive. As one girl in the video said, they meet… become a family, and…forgive the past of [their] religions.”Obviously, the process is much slower and more complex than that, but the roots are evident in such a simplification– conflict resolution comes from love, which can only arise from true understanding of the other. It comes from a willingness and desire to change one’s own views and perspectives, not just defend them. This reflects the principles of reciprocal influence and mutual recognition we have discussed.



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