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I went to the garden on October 31st. When I went, there was no one else there so I was a little confused. I first started to weed the area with my hands but could only find a couple tiny weeds. It really looked like the volunteer have been doing a good job with taking care of our garden. When I watered the plants it took me about 20 minutes to find the correct hose and turn it on. I enjoyed my gardening experience because I found it very relaxing and peaceful. I would not mind having my own garden plot next year.


When I helped out in the garden, I first de-weeded and prepared a bed for our vegetables to grow. I then planted spinach, then carrots, then lettuce in the bed. The spinach I could sprinkle into the dirt, the carrots I had to separate a little more methodically and push them a thumbnail into the ground. The lettuce I could also sprinkle around in the dirt. After I seeded the dirt, I watered the bed and then I put hay on top of the carrots because they require more moisture to grow. I then mulched the surrounding area to keep the weeds away. I also mulched pathways in the larger bed of vegetables containing garlic, broccoli, beans, and spinach. The garden looked great and the plants were bursting through the soil already!ImageImageImageImage