The Culture of Arab Food’s Winter Garden

October 10, 2010

We planted the Winter garden in back of the Green Quad (West Quad) last Wednesday. The students came ready to work and we used this event as a dry run to the gardens that we would plant for the Spring of Life Lutheran mission.  We ripped up the remaining plants from the summer garden (planted by last semester’s class). The students churned up the soil of the raised beds and built them up more, adding new cardboard to prevent erosion. We put wood chips between the beds to further help drainage and allow us to walk when it rains.  In turn, we planted lots of broccoli, collards, and kale. In addition, we planted the winter staples, particularly lots of garlic and fava beans. Furthermore, we expanded the garden.  Three students built up a new circular raise bed where they planted artichokes from seed and another group of students made a new raised bed running along the north side of the garden to plant more garlic.

The bok choy  (with some arugula and mustard greens mixed in) that we planted for the Fall garden looks incredible and the chard and beets are doing very well. Unfortunately, we had to rip up beech nut squash that was doing well and we planted a month ago to make room for the garlic.  The boc choy will be used soon for our famous “fusion fatayyir’! Stayed tuned!




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