The Garden after a Week of Rain!

October 4, 2010

Jenna and I got lucky with garden duty this past week because the rain really helped us out! Towards the beginning of the week, it didn’t require a whole lot of watering because it was cool and wet, but we made sure we checked up on the garden every day to see how it was doing. On Wednesday those cucumbers that we ate with our hummus were picked by Jenna fresh off the vine right before class! We made sure to thin out the plants and picked whatever looked like it was ready so that nothing would go to waste.

On Thursday afternoon I went out to water the garden and it was looking really good even though it hadn’t rained that day. I think all of the natural rain water the plants were getting throughout the week really helped them thrive and provided regular hydration, rather than when we go out there once or twice a day to give them all the water they need at once. The soil still looked damp but I gave the garden plenty of water just to be sure. I also picked another cucumber that looked ready and shared it with my roommates that evening; it was really good 🙂 The tomatillo plant was looking good so if anyone wants to use those there are plenty of them 🙂 I didn’t see any peppers, but noticed an eggplant growing in. It was still really small so I left it alone, but should be ready for whoever has garden duty next! The bok choy looked really good and healthy and so did the swiss chard. I took some pictures at the end of the week so feel free to check it out!

-Amanda (and Jenna)


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