Our Week In the Garden!!

September 26, 2010

The weather this week was extremely hot! It was well into the 90s every day and there was no rainfall. Our garden was very thirsty! We went every day in the morning/early afternoon and gave it lots and lots of water. Also, since the garden is right in our backyard, we tried to check up on it throughout the day to make sure everything was still thriving. The weather definitely impacted the garden but fortunately we were able to get it the water it needed. And the garden is definitely doing well! There is lots of growth, and everything is green and healthy. We were a little nervous to thin out the plants too much, so we let everything that was there continue to grow. We did however prune off the dead leaves so that the living parts of the plants could get all the water. All the plots seem to be doing well in spite of the heat, especially the boc choy! We also saw lots of squash and peppers growing and some new tomatoes on the vines. We noticed that the tomatillo plant back by the boc choy lost a lot of its tomatillos but the plant towards the front of the garden with the squash seemed to be doing much better.

We were nervous about how the garden was going to survive the hot temperatures this week. So we felt that our efforts really made a difference. We could see how dry the dirt got between waterings so we tried to make sure we watered really thoroughly every time we went out there. The garden responsibility wasn’t too hard to take on in itself but the heat made the task a lot tougher than we expected. It was even hard just to motivate ourselves to go out in the sweltering heat for just a few minutes. But we knew the garden needed us!! And thankfully, it paid off and now…we have rain!!!!!! Now that the temperatures will become more mild in the next few weeks (hopefully), the fall garden should really be able to prosper! Not to mention that keeping up with the garden should become a lot more enjoyable! We can’t wait to see how our garden blossoms in the months to come!

– Ali and Emily

P.S. We got some pictures of our garden after our week and a full day of rain! 🙂


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