Arab Food on TV

April 15, 2010

Dawndy  Mercer Plank at WIS-TV gave us a great little spot at the top of WIS News at 5:30. She also was very kind and wrote a very sweet and flattering message to Peggy at Media Relations, complimenting  how intelligent, well-informed and articulate the students are and how interesting and complex the class.

Here is the text to the video with a small but strapping picture of Paul’s back:

Here is the video link. What a photogenic bunch students! And look at that beautiful little purple flower on the kabuli chick peas!


One Response to “Arab Food on TV”

  1. Samantha said

    Yaay! Glad for the recognition.. this course has been a neat experience: political science, service learning, history, gardening, cooking, learning new cuisine and discussing current, extremely relevant issues like food security & sustainability… all rolled into one! I hope the FALL2010 gets as much out of it as we did- grateful to have been a guinea pig! =)

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