Lettuce say GoodBye

April 26, 2010

Last week, we picked the lettuce, chard and the fava beans. The lettuce bloomed into beautifully elegant heads. We made a huge salad for the Honors College and distributed the rest to folks in the Green Quad.  (We left many of the lettuce stumps, which are not regrowing leaves!) The chard had a long and deep root system that helped them weather this harsh winter and also facilitated their rebound.

After harvesting, we made another “fusion” dish, using the chard to make “spinach” pies. Along with chard, a stalwart student dumpter-dived a huge bag of mustard greens and pristine arugula. We reduced the chard in a separate pan with onions, olive oil and allspice and did the same in another pan, mixing the mustard greens and arugula. The bitter arugula really complimented the greens well.

The students  exhibited how adept they have become in making dough, bought, again, from Anson Mills. The “pies” turned out wonderfully. I confess that the purist in me had doubts but I was very pleasantly surprised.


The Garden

April 20, 2010

Here are some photographs that I took of the garden last week. We will be eating the fruits of our labor this week (the last full week of class). Next Monday, the last day of class, we will plant a new summer-fall garden for next semester’s Arab food class. We already planted a few seedlings that the students raised (a few peppers, peas, and wheat grass).

The fava beans and lettuce came roaring back after they seemed almost beaten. The lentils, chickpeas and chard look great (although we’re going to leave the lentils and chickpeas to fully mature). Of  course, the star of the garden is the garlic, which we will also keep until next fall.

Arab Food on TV

April 15, 2010

Dawndy  Mercer Plank at WIS-TV gave us a great little spot at the top of WIS News at 5:30. She also was very kind and wrote a very sweet and flattering message to Peggy at Media Relations, complimenting  how intelligent, well-informed and articulate the students are and how interesting and complex the class.

Here is the text to the video with a small but strapping picture of Paul’s back:


Here is the video link. What a photogenic bunch students! And look at that beautiful little purple flower on the kabuli chick peas!