Hummus Revolution Indeed!

March 4, 2010

Blogger “The Angry Arab” speaks of Lebanon’s “Cedar Revolution” (as named by the Bush administration) as the “Hummus Revolution.” Indeed, the students rose in chick pea unity, dangerously pushing garlic up their pallets to new levels.

Two groups pureed boiled organic chick peas (with the generous donation of Eric Harrison’s food processor) and mixed  it with tahini, fresh squeezed lemon juice, freshly pounded organic garlic, and some salt to make two slightly different dishes of hummus. I also made “balilah” for them, a dish made from whole chick peas, garlic, lemon, oil and lots of cumin.

One more success for the students.

Over the break, the students will be germinating herbs, legumes and even a pomegranate and cherry tree (seeds from Lebanon). We will plant these seedlings (not the trees yet though) in the Arab food garden the first week of April.


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